Quem Somos

Com a ambição de poder oferecer aos nossos clientes uma cachaça (destilado brasileiro por excelência) criteriosamente elaborada, somos um grupo que enxerga a cachaça como fonte de celebração e prazer

About us

With the ambition to offer to our clients a refined and elaborate cachaça (brazillian distilled by excellence), we are a group that sees cachaça as a resource for celebration and pleasure.



A process of production 100% transparent that acts as an invitation to understanding exactly how the Cachaça Premium de la Vega is achieved.
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High standards are applied in the manufacture of this beverage, respecting the rules and good practice of the production of Cachaças in Brazil.


A new concept of Cachaça deserves a new way of tasting it. Rediscover the Cachaça having it on the rocks.


A closed cycle of reuse of the left overs guarantees that none of the sub products are wasted, making sure they are all recycled.