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Unique blend

The perfect balance of de la Vega Cachaça is the result of the rigorously blending of three woods: oak, grapia and amburana. Because of its porosity, the French oak allows the beverage to air out and facilitates the absorption of the scent of this fine component. On the other hand, the lightness and softness are the result of the action of grapia and amburana, which also gives a slightly sweet flavour.

excepcional care

After its elaboration, Cachaça de la Vega is stored for approximately 2 years in single barrels,  which can be made of oak, grapia or amburana. This process affords the customer an extraordinarily rare sensorial experience.

Succesful partnership

The partnership between Alembic de la Vega and Master Blender Manoel Agostinho provides softness and elegance to the beverage.  Manoel Agostinho has not only elaborated the wine menu in many bars, restaurants and hotels, but he is also a lecturer. In addition to this, he is the author of a book entitled “A Trip to The World Of Cachaça” and one of the most important specialists in the beverage.

the Process

The careful care with hygiene and an optimized production process are the points that guarantee the exclusivity and excellence of Cachaça Premium de la Vega

Cutting the sugar cane

Selection and cleaning of the ripe sugar cane which will be grinded

Grinding the sugar cane

The selected ones will be grinded within 24 hours

Decantation / filtration

At this stage the impurities of the sugar cane juice are removed


To reduce the quantity of sugar in the sugar cane juice to 15ºBRIX to protect the yeast of the high concentrations of alcohol


To turn sugar into alcohol, which happens in approximately 24 hours


Heating of the fermented “mosto”(new cachaça) to optimize the distillation process

Distillation of the “mosto”

Separation of the fractions: head (discarded), heart (used), tail (discarded)

Aging process

When the distillation finishes, the Cachaça is stored in barrels for the aging process, which enhances its flavour and extracts the scents of the wood.


Standardization of the alcohol level, filter the Cachaça and bottle it to go to the market

De la Vega

It is located in the state of Rio de Janeiro, near Conservatória, and is the headquarters of the Alembic de la Vega and the place where many other products are developed

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Model farm

With 85 hectares, this area is part of a project of a model farm

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Caring for the environment

In the last years, this farm has become a place of production of food based on the respect for the ecosystem and sustainability.

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